1 - Keep pipework exposed to cold temperatures insulated 

For example, pipes in the attic and condensate pipes could cause a leak or stop the boiler from working if the water inside of them freezes. This can be very costly to repair and is easily avoidable.


2 - Don't pour oils and fats down the drain

This can clog the drain up or the trap underneath the sink, causing the water to drain very slowly.


3 - Boiler servicing

Keep get your boiler serviced annually to help ensure it is safe and working well. This will help prolong the life and efficiency of your boiler and can spot early signs of part failures.


4 - Boiler pressure

For those of us who have a pressurized heating system, make sure the pressure is in the green and not in the red. Sometimes, repairing a boiler can be as simple as turning two taps on and off.


5 - Water damage

Often we will go to a house where there were signs of a small leak and nothing was done about it for months. This of course got worse over time and as a result, more damage is caused and more repair work needed by different tradesmen.

If you have a leak, get it looked at before it turns into a serious problem.